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Cookies are small text files that are stored on the device of the Internet user to visit a web page. Is the website operator that determines what information the cookie contains and what its purpose is , and they can also be used by the web server every time you visit that site . Cookies to save time and make the experience much more efficient web browsing are used. However, they can be used with several different purposes ranging from recall information logon or what's in your purchase order.

There are a lot of guides that explain what cookies are , and what they are used . See our part we explain how they affect these cookies to the website of Industrial Weighing DINAKSA , but in case you need more information, take a look at these pages :

How do you use DINAKSA Industrial Weighing cookies?
DINAKSA Industrial Weighing only use cookies so that you let us use . You can control your cookies through your browser. You can find more information below. We have used some of the existing guidelines for classifying the cookies we use in several groups:

Cookies Yield

Functional cookies

Cookies Marketing

Below is more information on each of these types of cookies.

Cookies Yield
These cookies collect information about how you use the website (eg , the pages you visit or if an error occurs ) and also help DINAKSA Industrial Weighing the location and troubleshooting website. All information collected therein is completely anonymous and helps us understand how our site works , making the appropriate improvements to facilitate navigation.

These cookies allow : What You navigate the site

That DINAKSA recompile Industrial Weighing about how you use the website in order to understand the usability of the site , and help implement the necessary improvements. These cookies do not collect any information about you that can be used for advertising purposes, or information about your preferences ( such as your user data ) beyond that particular visit .

Functional cookies
Our purpose with these cookies is simply to improve the user experience of DINAKSA Industrial Weighing . You can at any time reject the use of such cookies. Industrial Weighing DINAKSA uses cookies to remember certain settings or to provide certain services or messages can reach you enhance your experience on our site . For example , remember the country or the language you have chosen to visit the pages , and not used for marketing purposes .

These cookies allow : Remember your login information as a customer to return to the page

These cookies do not collect any information about you that can be used for advertising purposes, or information about your preferences ( such as your user data ) beyond that particular visit .

Marketing Cookies
These cookies are managed by third parties, so you can use these tools to restrict the use of these cookies. Some cookies are used to link to other websites that provide certain services to DINAKSA Industrial Weighing , such as the case of Google .

These cookies allow : Link to social networks

In addition to accepting or rejecting the use of cookies through certain website DINAKSA Industrial Weighing , you can also manage them using your browser settings .

Here is a source of information on how to perform this process :

Just will read or write cookies about your preferences . Those that have been installed before modifying the configuration will remain in your computer and you can delete them using the settings of your browser.

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