Load beams, swivel and extensible "C" scales

They are lifting devices of different lengths, shapes and configurations, allowing the balanced lifting of the load in several suspending stable equilibrium points.

The beams , as the name suggests, are cargo securing devices in unstable equilibrium . This intrinsic feature construction makes it a seemingly simple task , but hugely technical execution. The perfect calculation , made by true specialists in the field elevation ultimate security depends both on the load itself and operatives who manipulate .

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Are devices that allow the loading and unloading of plate coils or steel , wire , etc. . Designed and built as the client, depending on the size and weight of the load.
Use in construction special steels with high elastic limit, laser cutting and welding art .
Bodies and balances are calculated accurately to produce safe lifting load and can be fitted on request with shots of chain or cable slings .

dinaksa balancin big bags carga en barcodinaksa balancin big bags carga en el muelle

balancin apertura rapidabalancin con electroimanes para cuadradillo

balancin con visor integradobalancin especial

DINAKSA designs and builds all the rockers under the strictest safety regulations and requirements may arise as varied as types of loads to be lifted ; girder swings , seesaws in H or X , with hooks and adjustable arms , telescopic devices motorized (arms and hooks , etc.).
Lift mode may be by center ring , sling shot , etc. .

When the load to be lifted or moved is beyond the normal dimensions in size or weight, or when elements that provide stability and security to the maneuver are required, it is essential to use these devices.


Advantages :

Unstable payloads be they large or weight high offset centers of gravity .
Total adaptation to varied load that is. Boats, sculptures, large blocks of stone, large stamping dies and stamping tooling , turbine mill centers , etc. .

gancho c extralargogancho c gigante

gancho c para alambrongancho c super resistente

Dinaksa Pesaje’s Engineering Department studies each case depending on the working conditions, providing the best solution for each case.

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