Coil lifting-clamp for laminated sheet-coils

The coil-reel lifting clamps, hook block weight scales and snatch blocks with motorized rotation are advanced equipment for handling that adds value and security to the maneuvers.

Dinaksa pesaje maintenance developed his first coil-reel lifting clamps in 2005. Since then, we have designed and custom-need manufactured over 20 of them for our customers nationwide and internationally.

Our main markets are Germany, Austria, and USA, which high standards of quality and functional requirements allow us to compete on an equal footing with other international manufacturers.

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pinzas portabobinas

The iron and steel industry is our main customer as they are the ones which require an accurate and safe handling of the heavy steel coils. And since in each step of the value chain (steelworks, rolling, drawing ...) the needs for mobility and the layout of each industrial plant are different, all projects are custom-made.

pinza electro mecanica portabobinas 4ponza portabobinas con trocola giratoria y pesaje acoplado para siderurgia.

The project
Our engineers need to know the key project data: The length, the inner and outer diameter at its maximum and minimum dimensions and the weight of the coils to be transported, the characteristics of the route to be taken by the overhead crane, the corridor of passage, the height of the factory, placement - rotation movements… etc. The analysis of these data and the project study provide the knowledge needed to build a custom coil-reel lifting clamps with a guaranteed success.


Dinaksa pesaje coil-reel lifting clamps engage the cranes through a suspension ring and the full control of the movements is made by a radio control system. Depending on the need of the customer, it can incorporate a rotating motorized system, telescoped systems to zero closing and retractable wedges where the passage or corridor is reduced and narrow.

pinza mecanica portabobinastrócola pasteca pon giro motorizado y pesaje acoplado

The clamps incorporate a safety system with detecting load sensors that prevent the opening of the arms by mistake. Parallel cell-weighing systems and an integrated high- visibility display with red numbers can be incorporated for controlling the lift weight, and if so, its transmission to computers via RS232, WIFI or PROFIBUS.

Standard coils reach 40 tons, so in terms of quality and machine safety, the clamps are designed to meet the requirements set by the strict directives of the European Union, UNE and ISO standards, and the national laws of the countries where the product is going to be delivered. DINAKSA coil-reel lifting clamps are designed to prevent accidents and injury to people handling these heavy loads daily in the metal industry.

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