Wighing excavator, dumper and backhoe

Weighing system built and coupled on any equipment; machinery and truck of any trade or model.

Weighing systems installed in the hydraulic system.

Robust and reliable, significantly improving the productivity of the machine.

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Dinaksa pesaje specializes in adapting any heavy machinery either for quarries, excavation, load, etc…, turning them into reliable weighing elements.

Dinaksa pesaje has developed a complex weighing system coupled to specific construction machinery, quarrying, mining and public works.

This system turns a simple bulldozer, excavator, backhoe or dump truck into a complete and mobile control and weighing centre, which is able to calculate the exact weight of the extracted sand, mineral or material.

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The equipment, which is extremely easy to use, contains a complex computerized calculating center thanks to the installation of multiple sensors placed at strategic points of the machinery.

The sensors and devices vary from one machine to another, and they are the result of the study of our engineers, who apply all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 30 years.

Our team of engineers and assembly workers are able to transform any type of machinery, regardless of the model, and the proof of this is our portfolio with over 300 machines installed and fully operational.

Dinaksa Pesaje delivers the machines with a certificate of fitness for the most demanding quality standards.

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