Product Code: DKS-PE

WHEEL PLATFORM WEIGHING SCALES 600kg-25.000kg (each module)

They are dynamic mobile wheel platform weighing scales, particularly designed for weighing vehicles (vans, trucks, tank vehicles, heavy trucks etc.).
They are made of high-strength aluminium, which make them very robust and easy to transport by a single person.


They are mobile-dynamic-lightweight-robust platforms and they are specially designed for weighing oversized vehicles where it becomes impractical for traditional weighing systems, such as fixed weighing scales and truck weighing scales (dumpers, building-site vehicles, special articulated lorries, etc.) as well as itinerant weighing conventional-vehicles (vans, trucks, tankers, heavy trucks etc.)..

Its aluminum frame make them suitable for handling and transport.



Provided with wheels for easy transport of theirs modules.
Robust frame, manufactured of special aluminium, which guarantees lightness that make them suitable even under extreme working conditions.
Cable with quick connector, on module side.
10 m cable for connecting the module to the weight indicator, with complete connector set.
IP 68 stainless steel load cells.
Tight junction box with IP68 protection.
Special vulcanised non-slip rubber under the module for maximum quality in each type of surface.
Very simple and reliable connection of the wheel weighing scale to the weight indicator.
The WWS modules are covered by Patent: number 1,342,302.
Still available in CE-M APPROVED version.



High resolution model for internal factory use.
IP68 protection for each module.
Pit frame for fixing at floor level.
Leveling modules for weighing axes (bonding team and fixing standard).
Up / down ramp.
Consult us your needs depending on your load capacities and measurements.

Product Length: 0.0000 m
Product Width: 0.0000 m
Product Height: 0.0000 m
Product Weight: 0.0000 kg
Product Packaging: 0.0000 kg