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COUPLED WEIGHING ON DUMPER. - Unlimited loading capacity.

Unlimited loading capacity (the maximum load that the dumper itself allows). Integrated weighing system on any model or brand name of dumper type.


Integrated weighing system on any model or brand name of dumper type.

The equipment basically consists of three main components: Pressure transducer, cell positioning sensor and display.

Because of its conception this equipment does not suffer greatly as almost the totally of the equipment are sheltered from shocks.

These machines’ situation are very different, due to both their different uses and the different locations where we can find them.

In general, they are machines with a heavy wearing due to both their different modalities and uses and the climatological conditions: Sun, water and cold. As we know this, we have of course designed this equipment to be capable of working in such circumstances.

It is a very valid system, robust and reliable within its parameters and it greatly improves the productivity of the machine.


Unlimited loading capacity.
ACCURACY: +/- 1% +/-2% of the load.
Operating temperature: -5ºC to +60ºc.
Sealing: IP 55 standard.
Graphic display.
-With protection against scratches.
-100 x 80 mm viewing area.
-160 x 128 pix., 16 lines by 20 text columns.
-Contrast-adjust control.
17 x 12 mm graphic data dimensions.
Total and partial load, and number-of-each-weighing simultaneous display.
Up to 20 mixture of formulations.
The signal is received by a pressure sensor. The equipment also consists of two position sensors, one of pressure and a display.
Calibration certificate (on request).

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