crane weigher / scale, weighing hook block, aparejo pesador, gancho pesador, pasteca, pasteka
trócola pesadora, aparejo pesador, gancho pesador, pasteca, pasteka
Dinaksa Pesaje weighing hook block 2 pulleys
Dinaksa Pesaje Trócola 2 poleas y 4 ramales

ELECTRONIC WEIGHING HOOK BLOCK TR-DIN2 R4 - Capacity 2.000kg - 50.000kg

Capacity from 2.000 kg to 50.000 kg. Resolution 500g. Electronic weighing hook block with two sheaves and four branches. Supplied with two rechargeable batteries, charger and TARA/OFF infrared remote control.

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Similar in appearance to a conventional weighing scale, it incorporates load cells and an electronic display, thus obtaining a weighing scale with very high performance in both safety and precision.
The viewer incorporates advanced electronics, which enables weighing to be carried out in any circumstance, no matter how difficult it may be.
It can be used as a normal trocola, starting the weighing when necessary.
The usual options are adding memory, 5-function remote control via infrared (for indoors) or via radio (for outdoors), special protection for foundries, built-in printer, independent display, weighing transmission via radio, RS-232 output or others, trocola with motorized turn, etc.
We couple weighing on pulleys of 1, 2 or more pulleys, in practically all existing models on the market, any other option, we will study the possibility of incorporating it into said trocola.


Capacities from 2,000 kg to 150,000 kg.

LED display red numbers with 5 digits.

Accuracy: 0.03% over maximum capacity.

Working temperature: from -20 to 70˚C

Tightness according to IP 55 standard

5 status indicators (Zero, Stability, Tare, Negative Sign, Battery)

Adding memory activated by remote control and front keyboard.

Infrared control for the functions OFF, TARE, adding memory, totalizer and erases

Shielding against interference.

24h service: 2 sets of Plug & Play interchangeable batteries and Dock Station charging base.

Maximum robustness with minimum weight.

Minimum lost height in crane.


Radio control for the functions OFF, TARE, adding memory, totalizer and erasures

Load preselection (includes control)

Data transmission via radio, WIFI or Bluetooth for DK DINAKSA equipment or PC.

Special anti-heat protection for foundries PLUS

maximum peak

Programmable auto power off (on request)

Calibration certificate (on request)

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trocolas pesadoras

trocola trdin 4r croquis

Protección anticalórica para fundición.
Impesora acoplada en carcasa
Cristal líquido LCD para exterior de 45 mm
Salida ordenador interface RS-232
Preselección de carga
Programa pico máximo

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