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Hook block weight scales and snatch blocks for cranes

Hook block weight scales and snatch blocks for cranes

Weighing systems integrated in the crane hook. They Incorporate load cells and electronic equipment, thus obtaining a high precision and speed weighing pulley. Besides that, this does not result in any loss in height. It is perfectly suitable for hooks with 1, 2, 3, 4 or more pulleys. Possibility of displays of 25 mm. to 120 mm. integrated in the hook.

Over the last 15 years, Dinaksa Pesaje has been developing, a full range of highly specialized solutions in weighing cranes.

The hook block weight scales, commonly called `lifting gears’, are the elements for fastening loads to the hoist cable of the crane.

Dinaksa Pesaje designs and builds the widest range in the market, and is able to meet all the needs that arise in the lifting, transport and load handling fields.

dinaksa pastecas y trocolas especiales KONE con pesaje acoplado de última generacióndinaksa pastecas y trocolas especiales con pesaje acoplado

It is common for a company to own a crane with its lifting devices and need it to be a dynamic weighing element. For this purpose, Dinaksa Pesaje fits such sheaves, turning them into sophisticated weighing systems, capable of transmitting the data to their ERP or weighing program via radio, Wi-Fi, or as the client needs.

Our hook block weight scales are installed in those cranes (either monorail, bi-rail, bracket, gantry or semi-gantry cranes), which require adding value to common  lifting  or moving loads tasks, thereby increasing productivity and avoiding repetitive trips to the static weighing centres.

dinaksa pasteca y trocola con pesaje acoplado - 2 poleas 4 ramales con tapas planasdinaksa pastecas y trocolas especiales 3

Su diseño extremadamente robusto y funcional hacen de las trócolas pesadoras de Dinaksa Pesaje el complemento ideal en grúas nuevas, y representa una mejora sustancial en la stitución de los aparejos en aquellas otras que se hayan estropeado por el uso.

At Dinaksa Pesaje we have the experience of having adapted over 1,000 hook block cranes, turning them into hook block weight cranes of many different kinds and for many different purposes and uses.

We have a long experience in industries as diverse as mining, quarrying, scrap metal industry and metal warehouses, automotive, foundries, etc.

We have a broad portfolio of references, of which we only extract and highlight a tiny sample, which can give you some idea of how far we can get in this very highly specialized area.

dinaksa pasteca y trócola especial con pinza recoge chatarra de alta capacidaddinaksa pasteca - trócola con pesaje acoplado y balancín

Currently, very few companies have the references, experience and expertise capable of complying with full guarantees and the meet customer’s requirements. Dinaksa Pesaje is one of them, and our more than 1,000 references prove it.

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Electronic dynamometers and crane scales

Electronic dynamometers and crane scales

Dynamometers and crane scales are precision devices that are located in the hoisting cables of cranes and allow the lifting and weighing in a single operation, , with significant savings in travel time by avoiding repetitive trips to the static weighing centres.

Dinaksa pesaje designs and manufactures a complete range of dynamometers and crane scales capable of serving and being useful for the industry with a high guarantee by streamlining processes and saving time and effort.

gancho pesador fundicion 01gancho pesador fundicion 02


gancho pesador en uso 01gancho pesador en uso 02

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Pallet truck scales and weight pallet scales

Pallet truck scales and weight pallet scales

The pallet trucks with weighing coupled are simple logistics devices that allow the movement of loads in a comfortable and precise way. DINAKSA has the largest range in the market in terms of options and capabilities (stainless steel, galvanized, ATEX).

All the pallet truck scales that DINAKSA manufactures undergo rigorous load testing, conducting a detailed study of the conditions under which they must operate.

We also adapt the truck pallet to customers, and incorporate as many options as required. In this way, we turn passive logistics equipment into an active weighing system, sized, capable and with all the guarantees of a strong company, with the solid experience Dinaksa pesaje offers.

pabellon ensamblaje traspaletastraspaleta pesadora manual 1

traspaleta pesadora manualtraspaleta pesadora

The coupled weighing system consists of different sensors and load cells and sophisticated and extremely easy-to-handle control software, which can show the weighing in a display installed in the cab of the machine itself, or it can be sent via radio or Wi-Fi to another central processing and controlling computer (PC).

Installing a Dinaksa pesaje coupled weighing system in your stacker or forklift means a substantial increase in the productivity of the whole team machine-operator.

Their easy handling makes it unnecessary attending to hard and difficult training courses.

traspaleta electrica bobina papeltraspaleta electrica bobina papel 2

traspaleta electrica bttraspaleta electrica linde

Consult any special needs, regardless of type, brand or model or forklift or stacker. Our team of engineers and assemblers has the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure the smooth functioning and adaptation to the strictest international standards. To proof this, we have more than 2,000 references in our portfolio

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Coil lifting-clamp for laminated sheet-coils

Coil lifting-clamp for laminated sheet-coils

The coil-reel lifting clamps, hook block weight scales and snatch blocks with motorized rotation are advanced equipment for handling that adds value and security to the maneuvers.

Dinaksa pesaje maintenance developed his first coil-reel lifting clamps in 2005. Since then, we have designed and custom-need manufactured over 20 of them for our customers nationwide and internationally.

Our main markets are Germany, Austria, and USA, which high standards of quality and functional requirements allow us to compete on an equal footing with other international manufacturers.

Download the Lifting and handling loads catalogue


pinzas portabobinas

The iron and steel industry is our main customer as they are the ones which require an accurate and safe handling of the heavy steel coils. And since in each step of the value chain (steelworks, rolling, drawing ...) the needs for mobility and the layout of each industrial plant are different, all projects are custom-made.

pinza electro mecanica portabobinas 4ponza portabobinas con trocola giratoria y pesaje acoplado para siderurgia.

The project
Our engineers need to know the key project data: The length, the inner and outer diameter at its maximum and minimum dimensions and the weight of the coils to be transported, the characteristics of the route to be taken by the overhead crane, the corridor of passage, the height of the factory, placement - rotation movements… etc. The analysis of these data and the project study provide the knowledge needed to build a custom coil-reel lifting clamps with a guaranteed success.





Dinaksa pesaje coil-reel lifting clamps engage the cranes through a suspension ring and the full control of the movements is made by a radio control system. Depending on the need of the customer, it can incorporate a rotating motorized system, telescoped systems to zero closing and retractable wedges where the passage or corridor is reduced and narrow.

pinza mecanica portabobinastrócola pasteca pon giro motorizado y pesaje acoplado

The clamps incorporate a safety system with detecting load sensors that prevent the opening of the arms by mistake. Parallel cell-weighing systems and an integrated high- visibility display with red numbers can be incorporated for controlling the lift weight, and if so, its transmission to computers via RS232, WIFI or PROFIBUS.

Standard coils reach 40 tons, so in terms of quality and machine safety, the clamps are designed to meet the requirements set by the strict directives of the European Union, UNE and ISO standards, and the national laws of the countries where the product is going to be delivered. DINAKSA coil-reel lifting clamps are designed to prevent accidents and injury to people handling these heavy loads daily in the metal industry.

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Load beams, swivel and extensible "C" scales

Load beams, swivel and extensible "C" scales

They are lifting devices of different lengths, shapes and configurations, allowing the balanced lifting of the load in several suspending stable equilibrium points.

The beams , as the name suggests, are cargo securing devices in unstable equilibrium . This intrinsic feature construction makes it a seemingly simple task , but hugely technical execution. The perfect calculation , made by true specialists in the field elevation ultimate security depends both on the load itself and operatives who manipulate .

Download the Lifting and handling loads catalogue


Are devices that allow the loading and unloading of plate coils or steel , wire , etc. . Designed and built as the client, depending on the size and weight of the load.
Use in construction special steels with high elastic limit, laser cutting and welding art .
Bodies and balances are calculated accurately to produce safe lifting load and can be fitted on request with shots of chain or cable slings .

dinaksa balancin big bags carga en barcodinaksa balancin big bags carga en el muelle

balancin apertura rapidabalancin con electroimanes para cuadradillo

balancin con visor integradobalancin especial

DINAKSA designs and builds all the rockers under the strictest safety regulations and requirements may arise as varied as types of loads to be lifted ; girder swings , seesaws in H or X , with hooks and adjustable arms , telescopic devices motorized (arms and hooks , etc.).
Lift mode may be by center ring , sling shot , etc. .

When the load to be lifted or moved is beyond the normal dimensions in size or weight, or when elements that provide stability and security to the maneuver are required, it is essential to use these devices.


Advantages :

Unstable payloads be they large or weight high offset centers of gravity .
Total adaptation to varied load that is. Boats, sculptures, large blocks of stone, large stamping dies and stamping tooling , turbine mill centers , etc. .

gancho c extralargogancho c gigante

gancho c para alambrongancho c super resistente

Dinaksa Pesaje’s Engineering Department studies each case depending on the working conditions, providing the best solution for each case.

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Magnets and permanent electromagnets

Magnets and permanent electromagnets

The magnets and electromagnets allow the manipulation and lifting of heavy ferrous loads in a comfortable and safe way. They are specially designed and constructed for different kind of loads: flat, square or round.

balancin con electroimanes para cuadradillobalancines con electroimanes

The permanent magnets, manufactured locally, ensure safe operations even in the case of a power failure.

electroiman para gruaiman permanente palanca redondo acero

Our Engineering Department designs the power of magnets depending on the load characteristics, height, composition, etc.


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load limiters for crane scales and weight indicators for cranes

load limiters for crane scales and weight indicators for cranes

Mechanical and electronic limiters are designed to prevent cargo and overloads occurring in hoists, overhead cranes, cranes, gantry-cranes, elevators, etc… The displays allow visualizing the weighing clearly, and they are an ideal addition to your weighing equipment.

Each crane is subjected to significant efforts, with the risk of being overloaded. DINAKSA has a self-made designed complete range of preventive equipment, which guarantees the life of the crane.

limitador grua portuarialimitador en puente grua

limitador en grualimitador bulon en puente grúa de 32 toneladas

To complement the weighing equipment, we have a wide range of displays specially adapted to the working conditions of the machine: For outdoors, for indoors, LED, Red numbers, LCD…etc.

visor y monitores en grúa en bodega vitivinícolavisor en puente grúa 

visor gigante en puente gruavisor en nave con batería de gruas

The black boxes, as in an aircraft, record the crane’s operations so that you can find out and establish the causes, reasons and origins of malfunctions.

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Wighing excavator, dumper and backhoe

Wighing excavator, dumper and backhoe

Weighing system built and coupled on any equipment; machinery and truck of any trade or model.

Weighing systems installed in the hydraulic system.

Robust and reliable, significantly improving the productivity of the machine.

bulldozer 4 bulldozer 5

Dinaksa pesaje specializes in adapting any heavy machinery either for quarries, excavation, load, etc…, turning them into reliable weighing elements.

Dinaksa pesaje has developed a complex weighing system coupled to specific construction machinery, quarrying, mining and public works.

This system turns a simple bulldozer, excavator, backhoe or dump truck into a complete and mobile control and weighing centre, which is able to calculate the exact weight of the extracted sand, mineral or material.

bulldozer 6 bulldozer 8


The equipment, which is extremely easy to use, contains a complex computerized calculating center thanks to the installation of multiple sensors placed at strategic points of the machinery.

The sensors and devices vary from one machine to another, and they are the result of the study of our engineers, who apply all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 30 years.

Our team of engineers and assembly workers are able to transform any type of machinery, regardless of the model, and the proof of this is our portfolio with over 300 machines installed and fully operational.

Dinaksa Pesaje delivers the machines with a certificate of fitness for the most demanding quality standards.

bulldozer dumper bulldozer visor pesaje acoplado maquina especial 2 pesaje acoplado maquina especial 3 pesaje acoplado maquina especial 4

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Truck scales, balances and weighing in vehicles

Truck scales, balances and weighing in vehicles

The weighbridges, generally called truck scales, are equipment that is generally mounted outside the facilities and connected to the weighing centres, which provide accurate information about the burden of commercial vehicles.

Once the goods are delivered, the vehicle is weighed.

They are built to last, with a high-capacity iron grid and they are equipped with state-of-the-art load cells.


bascula puente de camión en exterior de instalacionesbáscula puente agrícola para pesado de tractores con carga

Dinaksa pesaje has a Customer Service Team capable of mounting the equipment and their subsequent maintenance, ensuring safe operations in harsh conditions.

equipo SAT instalando una bascula puente DINAKSAoperación de montaje de bascula puente con sistema de detección de mercancías radioactivas

The wheel-weighing devices are highly versatile mobile ones, which accurately weigh loads on vehicles without having to go to a weighbridge.

They are used to perform routine checks in places where it is not possible to do it on a weighbridge.

dispositivo pesa ruedas en uso en regatadispositivo pesa ruedas en uso en regata naútica

Dinaksa pesaje has 25 years’ experience supplying equipment for industry, building high-capacity industrial scales, and developing customized projects to the most diverse uses as picking and so on.

pesaje acoplado a carro de transporte de redondo de hierropesaje acoplado a mesa de picking para centro de distribución

bascula industrial sobre suelo o empotrada de alta capacidad y dimensiones

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