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The electronic crane scales Excel-30 have a wide capacity range from 300kg up to 12.000kg. 30 mm digit display and stainless steel housing. The smallest, most robust and most easy-to-handle in the market.

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NEW Weighing hook with a capacity of 300 to 12,000 kg. Display with 25 mm LCD liquid crystal digits. and stainless steel case with satin finish. The smallest, most robust and manageable on the market.


Capacities from 300 to 12,000kg.

LED display red numbers with 5 digits of 25 mm.

Satin-finish stainless steel case

Accuracy: ±0.03% over maximum capacity

Working temperature: from -20 to 70˚C

Tightness according to IP 55 standard

5 status indicators (Zero, Stability, Tare, Negative Sign, Battery)

Adding memory activated by front keyboard

shielding against interference

Supplied with automatic charger and rechargeable long life battery

Complete supply of accessories (ring, 2 shackles, swivel hook with safety latch, battery charger)

Maximum robustness with minimum weight

Minimum lost height in crane

National manufacturing with accredited metrological control nº 01M042


tabla croquis y medidas excel 30


Infrared control for the functions OFF, TARE, adding memory, totalizer and erasures

Radio control for the functions OFF, TARE, adding memory, totalizer and erasures

Load preselection (includes control)

Data transmission via radio, WIFI or Bluetooth for DK Dinaksa equipment or PC

24h service: 2 sets of Plug & Play interchangeable batteries and Dock Station charging base

Special anti-heat protection for BASIC foundries

Special anti-heat protection for foundries PLUS

shock protection

Suitcase (up to 10t)

LCD liquid crystal display

maximum peak

Programmable auto power off (on request)

Calibration certificate (on request)

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Preselección de carga
Impresora acoplada en la carcasa del gancho (incluye memoria sumadora){_I_}br /{_F_}(La carcasa  con impresora es en acero epoxy pintado)
Salida ordenador interface RS-232
Maleta para gancho pesador
Servicio 24 horas.
Dígitos números rojos luminosos.
Protección antichoque.
Protección anticalórica para fundición.
Mando a distancia a infrarojos para las funciones de OFF, TARA, MEMORIA SUMADORA, TOTALIZADOR Y BORRADOS DE MEMORIA
Mando vía radio a infrarojos para las funciones de OFF y TARA
Programa pico máximo

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