Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The access to this place and the use of its services is subject to the general terms and conditions that are established below and to those of particular nature that appear in its chapters (Terms and Conditions). If you (the user) keep on visiting this site, it will be understood that you give your conformity with the Terms and Conditions. Also, if you make electronic commerce activities, you promise to respect the terms and conditions stipulated by Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U. The content of this site, www.dinaksa.com, information, writing, software, e-mail addresses, graphics,and statistics is property of Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U, and it is protected by the international laws of intellectual property and/or copyrights. The infractions to the Terms and conditions will give us the right to remove the condition of registered user to the offenders.


User's commitment

The user becomes responsible for any affirmation or act made by means of the use of its user's name and password. He/she must not send nor divulge inappropriate, transgressor, obscene, fraudulent, slanderous, or threatening contents, or those that may divulge intimacies and personal matters, or violate the rights of any citizen. He /she will not be able to take the identity of another person nor send and transmit publicity and materials of promotion in the forum of our site.

Our service

Our site is an information media and sale of products one, specialized in offering lifting loads and maintenance products, and industrial manipulation systems with the highest standards of quality, provided by Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U, or by its sources in the case of the information and this supposes the Users’ acceptance of these Terms and conditions. Our place does not take responsibility for the damages the use of the information that we provide might cause. We do not guarantee the veracity or validity of this information, and we do not guarantee that the above mentioned information has not been altered after its insertion in the site. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U limits itself to provide a way of authorization of the payments made by means of credit cards or cash-on-delivery. Therefore, Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U does not take responsibility for the inviolability of the information published by the public networks of telecommunications, or by any other telematic information media. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U and its providers of information are not responsible for the content of the “friendly sites”, or web links to other sites, since we do not have any control over the material and its veracity published in other sites. Our site is not obliged to provide any equipment or software to gain access to the service.


Use of the service

Dinaksa S.L.U keeps the right to eliminate or to modify any information, communication, downloadable material or message that, in its opinion, violates our politics of use. The publication and transmission of any material is prohibited without the written previous assent of its author. If it is authorized, the user of the material or the information will have to mention its author in all the cases. All the information and material sent by the User will be granted without any economic benefit or without any physical compensation, except if there is a previous agreement between both parts. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U acquires perpetual, free, and non-exclusive license, with rights to publish, transmit, reproduce and/or exhibit publicly. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U is a registered trademark, and any mark or logotype that is published in the site belongs to Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U or to third parties and the User will not be able to use them without previous notice from the Holder.

On-line privacy

Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U is responsible for the privacy of the truthful information provided by the User. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U neither will reveal, nor will share this information without the assent of the user, except when the law requires it or when the government requests it; in turn, it declines all responsibility for the information contributed by the  “friendly places”, to which the User could gain access by means of web links. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U will use his/her personal information, name, address, e-mail, and credit card number only for marketing and Services, purposes to determine demographic information of its users and to obtain statistical and market information, but without revealing this information, which Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U considers to be confidential, to third parties. Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U will be able to send e-mails to the Users to confirm their registration, to inform them about the state of their account, or to inform them about the modifications, updates or promotions made in the place. If the User wants to be excluded from this list, he/she will have to forward the e-mail with the word REMOVE in the subject line. It is a target of Dinaksa Pesaje S.L.U to protect the information sent by its Users, which is considered to be confidential.

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Gracias por solicitar información

Desde el Dpto. Comercial de Dinaksa Pesaje industrial queremos agradecer el interés que has mostrado por nuestra compañía. Nos pondremos en contacto contigo tan pronto nos sea posible. Si transcurridas 72h. desde su solicitud no hemos contactado, rogamos...

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