Control Integral de Grúas CIG-821
Control Integral de Grúas CIG-821
Control Integral de Grúas CIG-821
Control Integral de Grúas CIG-821
Control Integral de Grúas CIG-821
Control Integral de Grúas CIG-821

Crane control data logger CIG-821

Crane registration and control system. Electronic equipment for collecting data from the sensors installed on the cranes: load limiters, inclinometers, anti-collision, anemometers,... and transfer of orders to the crane control and maneuvering systems.

A single team to control everything, and achieve maximum safety in maneuvers, protecting your workers, the goods handled and the facilities.

DINAKSA's CIG-821 Data logger is the new brain for overhead cranes and other lifting equipment in your company.

DINAKSA CIG-821 makes it possible to carry out intelligent and safe programming for revisions/preventive maintenance (by hour limits and/or number of activations and/or date).

CIG-821 identifies improper operations and alarms that could cause breakdowns in the crane and/or work accidents.

CIG-821 records the load spectrum of lifting equipment in accordance with the UNE 58144 and UNE 58919 standards.

CIG-821 calculates the PFS "Safe Operation Period", in accordance with the FEM9755 standard and indicates in real time or cycle of hours of work consumed.

CIG-821 stores all the maneuvers performed (time and number of actuations)

CIG-821 registers alarms for overload, loose cable, cable inclination, temperature or sudden reversals.

CIG-821 offers visual indications through a touch screen display with a very intuitive interface for programming or data reset (with password).

CIG-821 has 14 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs

CIG-821 has 6 relay alarm outputs and 2 analog outputs, all programmable (Optional Output: CANopen or Profibus)

CIG-821 offers the recorded information/data to analyze at any time (data in Excel), just download it via WIFI.


And there are still more:

* Memorizes the amounts/weights/loads and/or the total time of each movement or maneuver performed. Memorizing up to 4 different load control zones (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).

* Equipment designed in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1:2015:Pld Category 3

* Data storage lifetime greater than 100 years.


DATALOGGER DINAKSA meets the standards:

UNE 58144-5:2015

Cranes. Inspections. Part 5: Bridge and Gantry Cranes


UNE 58919:1995

Serial Hoist Units. Measures for achieving safe working periods for motorized serial hoist. (SWP)


FEM 9.755

Measures for achieving safe working periods for motorized serial hoist (SWP)






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